I believe in the power of creative media arts - that everything between you and your audience is an opportunity to connect. Even though my background is in brand and digital design, I don’t use the industry lingo that is often used to describe modern creatives. Call me what you want. In the end I believe in work that builds brands by connecting people - no matter what shape or medium.
I have 18 years experience leading thinking and design as an award-winning designer and creative director, most recently with the advertising agency TBWA\Bright Red. In that time, I’ve helped bridge the gap between traditional and digital creative teams by exploring better ways of idea generation - driven by user experience with a central brand concept at the core. I've since started UnderStory, a brand and digital design studio, leading design, illustration, UI, and UX for owned products and serviced clients. Whether its creating brand identities, responsive websites, mobile and tablet experiences, online video, TV, print, social media applications or games, my passion is collaborating with people to make things that move people.
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