Party City - Brew Your Costume

Conjure up your Halloween costume with Brew Your Costume from Party City. Simply connect to Facebook to have your profile analyzed or answer a few brief questions and see what the application brews for you. I created the concept and designed the original BYC while serving as Creative Director for BYC 2.0, launched this past Halloween.

CLIENT:  Party City
FOR: The Zimmerman Agency
PROJECT:  Brew Your Costume
ROLE:  Concept, Planning, Design, Creative Director for 2.0 version

Created as part of Party City's "Nobody Has More Halloween For Less" campaign, this experience website also doubled as a Facebook Application. Visitors can answer a short series of questions or preferably connect with their Facebook account to have their profiles automatically analyzed.

Brew Your Costume will add profile elements like your name, location and photos into a boiling cauldron to conjure up the perfect costume for you this Halloween. Then you can post it to your wall for all your friends to see or vote on. 
It has been so popular we updated each year including a large overhaul in 2010-2011.

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