CLIENT:  Jimbo & Candi Fisher
FOR:  TBWA\Bright Red
PROJECT:  Kidz 1st Fund
ROLES:  Branding, Creative Direction, UX, Wireframe, Design

Kidz1stFund was created to raise awareness and funds in support of research to fight Fanconi anemia, a rare but serious blood disease that affects thousands of children each year. I worked with Jimbo and Candi Fisher and the team at Kidz 1st Fund to create a new branding effort for awareness around this little-known disease that affects their son, Ethan, and many other children in the world.

I created their new brand direction including the design of their new logo built around the phrase "I Fight Fanconi." Tshirts, billboards, bracelets, in-stadium signage, and many other media arts have been created to bring this brand to life. I'm honored to have helped such a great cause and its been exciting seeing it come to life - including a special segment about the fight against Fanconi anemia on ESPN Gameday.

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